Sideways Film testimonials

Kazz and his team at Sideways Film are the real deal. I’ve worked with a variety of distribution companies and sales agents, and Sideways is the best of the bunch. I don’t understand how Kazz is so accessible at all hours of the day and night. It’s superhuman, as is his enthusiasm for spreading our film and his dedication to negotiating the best distribution deals for us. The filmmaking business needs more honest, hard-working, and caring people like him working in it.

Brock La Borde, Producer, 91%: A Film About Guns in America


Working with Kazz and Sideways Film has been a pleasant and helpful experience from the start. For a film that feels very US-focused, Sideways has distributed to territories far beyond our expectations. We are so pleased to work with such a thoughtful and strategic sales agent who produces good results, and feels like a real advocate for us. I can’t recommend Sideways enough.

Cynthia Hill, Director, Private Violence


We’ve had such a great experience with Kazz and Sideways Film, their level of commitment and communication was just excellent. The sheer volume of deals and their ability to place the film with broadcasters across the globe was a huge addition to our path to success. I have no doubt that without Kazz and all his hard work we couldn’t have reached our sales goal. Sideways simply delivers.

Brant Pindivic, Director, Why I’m Not On Facebook

“I can’t say enough good things about Sideways Film, not just as a distributor but as a partner. Thanks to their continuing efforts our film has reached a global audience and has been licensed in major markets on nearly every continent. Although their library is deep I’ve never felt lost in the shuffle or ignored. If I email with a query I receive a prompt response — which is not always the case with distributors. Without hesitation I can say that Kazz and the rest of the Sideways Film team are a class act and have been instrumental in steering our film to success and profitability.”

Dominic White, Director, DSKNECTD: Is Technology Changing Us?


“My experience with Sideways Film has been positive. Kazz is professional and thorough, and royalty payments are always paid promptly. Sideways Film are a pleasure to deal with.”

Tim Delmastro, Director, Freedom From Choice & End of the Road


“I had the great pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Kazz at the Thessaloniki film festival.  Happily he offered to take on our film “Who Took Johnny”- and very rapidly made a series of international sales for it (this is a film that we had tremendous difficulty getting traction with even after John Waters put it on his top ten list for the year). I’ve been making films for 20 years and I can count on 2 fingers the number of distributors who have told me that they will do something- and then have them do it.  Kazz isn’t one of them but… oh c’mon – of course he is- he’s been wonderful- and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.“

Michael Galinsky, Director, Who Took Johnny


“Thanks to Kazz and his team our documentary received an audience in 18 territories. Kazz was invested in it throughout the production in terms of creative feedback and making sure we had all the elements needed to be able to sell it successfully.  Sideways are an agency that are passionate about film and assisting film makers in the process. We are very happy we collaborated with them.”

Nathan Erasmus, Director, Road to Rio


“Kazz and his team have been such a gift for my documentary film, Fatherland. They have managed to get it sold across the world, which is more than we had hoped for. But it is the way Kazz runs his company that is so amazing! He is always available by email and replies to all my ridiculous questions. There is a constant line of communication, which can be rare to find with a sales agency. You definitely never feel like your film is just 1 of a 100 in someone’s catalogue. I am busy on my next feature and I will be showing to Sideways Film first.“

Tarryn Crossman, Director, Fatherland and Timelines


“Sideways Film take risks many do not. As an independent filmmaker, weary of the commercial world, I know I can trust the Sideway’s team and their expertise in spreading socially important creative works.”

Peter Joseph, Director, Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward


“I have always felt Kazz’s personal interest, investment and care in the success of my highly controversial film, RED REIGN.

I deeply appreciate having someone to heroically champion the film by getting it out to the world’s people, who are otherwise victim’s of censorship.”

Masha Savitz, Director, Red Reign


“We’ve been beyond happy with the deals Kazz and his team have brought to the table.  They are always working – going to film festivals, buyers markets and answering emails and phone calls from multiple time zones in a short amount of time.


Sideways passion for documentaries is evident and that definitely translates into an amazing library of titles that we’re happy to be part of.”

Tricia Todd, Director, Killing the Messenger: The Deadly Cost of News and End of Truth


“Sideways do an amazing job promoting and selling my documentary “Twilight of the Yakuza” around the world. Thanks to Sideways, my doc has made the rounds across the globe and has been seen by millions, something I would have never dreamed of when I made this doc as an independent filmmaker.

I really appreciate what Sideways has done so far for my doc and I’m glad to be working together with such a professional and enthusiastic team.”

Sebastian Stein, Director, Twilight of the Yakuza


“As self‐taught independent filmmakers, with no access to industry channels, funding or contacts, distribution can often resemble the confine of an elite group of apparatchiks. Not So with Kazz Basma And Sideways Film who have an eye for the innovative and creative, and do not shy away from politically sensitive, provocative and controversial material.


Sideways Film offer us a flexible and personal approach, unique in the world of film distribution. Distribution provides access to international markets and the necessary funds for future projects. Something which in the current political climate in the UK, is not easy to come by for independent documentarians specializing in challenging and politically sensitive films. We are delighted to have Sideways Film distributing our documentaries.”

Michael Oswald, Director, 97% Owned & Princes of the Yen


“I would highly recommend Kazz and Sideways Films. We have been very happy with their representation of our film “Beyond Pollution”. Kazz has great industry contacts and relationships, always replies in a timely and receptive fashion to our questions and concerns, and his expenses are truly low.


You can tell he genuinely cares about his filmmakers and their films. My only regret is that we didn’t sign with Sideways Film much, much sooner.”

Harper Robinson, Director, Beyond Pollution


“Excellent representation. Sideways Film have a thorough grasp of the global documentary market and adopt a strategic approach to sales combined with a thoughtful, creative and diligent approach.

Having someone represent your film is a massive undertaking of trust and Sideways Film really seem to understand and appreciate the nature of our film – a pleasure to work with!”

Nick Oakley, Director, Cult Witness


“This is my third film and I was wary of sales agents and distributors so I did a lot of research and took my time looking for a good fit for our film.  Luckily, we hooked up with Sideways and it’s been worth it -  we’re a small, non-profit film collective based in Peru, so we don’t have a lot of access to international broadcasters. In the past, our films have done well at festivals and in educational distribution, but we’ve never managed to break the television barrier and get picked up by numerous stations.


Through Sideways, the film so far has been sold to: TeleSur, TV3 Catalunya, Al Jazeera, Russia Today, AYAT TV, Press TV, Film Media Group, GAIAM and a sale to a RTV Slovenia is coming through as well…

Sideways encouraged us to get involved with our distribution and I feel the process has been a collaborative one – they followed up with our suggestions for broadcasters, were flexible with the writing of our contract and incorporated updates on the cases featured in the film into their strategy with broadcasters.

Kazz’s negotiation skills are so much better than our own, that he was even able to get better deals out of the few broadcasters that we had relationships with in the past. So, even subtracting their sales agent fee, we were further ahead … and were able to get on with our film-making while Kazz took care of the negotiations and business side.


And Kazz is just a really nice person who actually cares about the films he represents and the issues they convey. When the protagonist of our film (a Peruvian priest) was beaten and tortured by police this year, I sent Kazz an update to send to broadcasters, and he wrote back very concerned, asking how he could help. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to find that kind of human compassion in very many sales agents out there today.”

Stephanie Boyd, Director, The Devil Operation


“When shopping around for a sales agent we either ran into Hollywood scheisters demanding huge upfront fees or agents who talked a good game but weren’t easy to reach. Then we found Kazz Basma at Sideways Film. Kazz runs a transparent business, charges commissions only if he makes a sale, and is great about getting back to people.  His enthusiasm for the films he represents manifests itself through real sales and real money. I have been very satisfied working with Sideways Film.”

Jesse Veverka, Director, China: The Rebirth of an Empire 


“I’ve known Kazz Basma since his days in acquisitions at Mercury Media in 2008.  He and his company, Sideways Film, have been instrumental in helping us to distribute our film to foreign broadcast entities.  His knowledge of the business, directory of contacts, passion for our project and timeliness in handling our inquiries, set him apart from other sales agents who come across as “all talk” and “no action.”  The deals he’s negotiated for us have all been handled with the utmost professionalism.  I challenge you to find another agent that works this hard and cares more about what he does, than Kazz.  He’s truly one of a kind!”

Jeff Warrick, Director, Programming the Nation


“Sideways film has been a great addition to The Shark Con.  Distribution in the documentary world is a tough market and Kazz and the team have really surpassed our expectations!  If your doc needs to get out there, sign with Sideways.”

Steven Pavon, Producer, The Shark Con


“Sideways Film has been instrumental in helping us gain awareness for our film as well as internationally distributing it.  The communication with Kazz and company has been spectacular, they’ve kept us in the know every step of the way.  I don’t believe we would have found the same success without Sideways Film!”

Rusty Armstrong, Director,  The Shark Con 


“An agency that really makes a difference”

Jan-Willem Breure, Director, Are All Men Pedophiles?

“Kazz Basma with Sideways Film has demonstrated to us he knows how to work with filmmakers. His knowledge and sage advice were invaluable in bringing our film to market.”

Jerry Misner, Director, Southern Exposure