The Good Neighbour

The Good Neighbour Play

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The Good Neighbour highlights the operations of the Norwegian oil company  Statoil,  in the notorious Canadian oil sands industry. Statoil is primarily owned by the Norwegian people and  has in recent years become a major player in global oil production.

The controversial oil sands in Northern Canada  are the biggest energy project in the world.

It is well established that the oil sands are an environmental disaster – however is it also a human rights disaster? The land belongs to First Nation Peoples who are fighting against environmental damages. Norway is the richest country in the world and Statoil promotes itself as being at the forefront of a developing industry that prioritizes equality, social justice and the importance of environmental responsibility. Do they fulfil this commitment from the perspective of the First Nations people?

A young Norwegian woman Julie Strand Offerdal wants answers and embarks on an epic journey from Montreal to Fort McMurray in a truck that runs on used vegetable oil. She navigates through a system, which proves to lack monitoring mechanisms, governmental rules and regulations, and violates  First Nation´s human and land-based constitutional rights. The overbearing presence of the companies weaves into the fabric of the every day lives of the people in an irreversible way, altering for better or worse the way of life of the First Nation’s people forever.