You, Me and the SPP

You, Me and the SPP Play

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Not heard of the Security Prosperity Partnership? You’re not alone. The people behind the SPP want to keep us all in the dark.

The SPP is the latest version of corporate plans to control the social, political and economic destiny of the world.

Following the shock of 9/11, right wing political and business leaders have pushed the Security Prosperity Partnership. Negotiated away from public scrutiny, they say it is a way to keep trade flowing between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

You, Me and the SPP shows the SPP is much more than a trade agreement.

The SPP undermines our democratic rights and the ability of our elected representatives to pass laws and regulations that safeguard the environment, protect workers rights and control the economy in the interests of ordinary citizens.

The SPP threatens the sovereignty  of all three countries through the integration of military and security structures, and regulatory regimes.

Democracy could become an empty shell..