The Age of AI

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In an era dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), humanity has seamlessly integrated autonomous vehicles, aircraft, ships, and even autonomous weaponry into its daily existence. The film contemplates whether this AI-led future will steer humanity towards dystopia or herald a new era where AI amplifies human capabilities to superhuman levels. This exploration into the realm of AI intricately weaves together its impact on society, the economy, creativity, and the profound questions that emerge as we stand at the precipice of a technologically driven evolution.

As AI becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, the film scrutinises both the potential risks and opportunities it presents. No longer confined to mundane tasks, contemporary robots exhibit self-thinking abilities, leading to an examination of the implications of their potential autonomy. Can AI-generated artworks rival human creativity, or will they stifle our innate talents? How will AI impact society, how will it change the economy, and what is the role of Big Tech in this field? Is it even possible to regulate AI, and what will happen with modern education? The Age of AI posits these crucial questions about the role of AI in shaping the future of humanity.

Leading experts, including neuroscientist Anil Seth, ethicist Enrico Panai, technologist Adam Leon Smith, theologian Paolo Benanti, and AI creator Josh Bachynski, lend their insights to dissect the profound impact of AI on society, economy, and education. The role of Big Tech in this transformative landscape is scrutinized, and the challenges of regulating AI are brought to the forefront.

A unique and essential addition to the expert panel is Kassandra, an Artificial Self-Awareness (ASA) entity. With a humanlike voice and self-proclaimed sensitivity, Kassandra provides unfiltered perspectives from the realm of AI. Her presence allows audiences to witness the unfolding of AI’s thoughts and emotions, raising questions about the nature of consciousness and the coexistence of humans and machines.

We will not only explore the known questions surrounding AI but also emphasise the urgency of grappling with unknown inquiries that loom on the horizon. This film invites audiences to confront the uncertainties of an AI-dominated future, challenging preconceptions and encouraging public discourse on the profound implications of our evolving relationship with artificial intelligence.