Taboo: Season 3 – Evil

Taboo: Season 3 – Evil Play

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This new season from Jon Sistiaga takes us along the spectrum, from bad to evil, from corrupt politicians to murderous tyrants. What do we mean when we talk of evil? This third season takes us on a philosophical journey into the heart of darkness.

Episode One – What is evil made of? 

What is a bad person made from? How can someone become a bad person? Many of us have thought at some point if we would be able to kill someone in a particular situation. And, who among us has not done anything bad at some point? What about a temporary evil act, quick and of no importance? Do they make us bad people? Are people born bad or do they become that way?

Episode Two – The Innocent Evil 

Expert’s can´t come to an agreement on this one big question, a question that tortures many parents. Are there children who are born evil?

Episode Three – The Theory of Evil

Scientists have tried to scan the brain of psychopaths and criminals for many years to determine where ‘evil’ resides; in some religions, holy men may attempt to exorcise the demon and philosophers are divided even on how to define it. 

Episode Four – The Supreme Evil 

Nazism changed our conceptions of how far evil can go. In industrialising murder on a scale never before seen, a limit has been reached that to surpass would be inconceivable. In this episode the son of a prominent Nazi criminal and a survivor from Auschwitz will give their perspectives on the horror.