Ticking Time Bomb

Ticking Time Bomb: The Truth Behind Takata Airbags follows the Takata whistleblower and former engineers as they unveil a deadly corporate cover-up leading to the largest international recall in history.

There’s a good chance you or someone you love is driving one of 100 million cars with a pipe bomb ticking away in their steering wheels. Japan’s Takata Corporation put defective airbags in one out of every four cars on American roads, including some of the most expensive rides in the world – BMW’s, Mercedes, Ferraris, and Teslas – but expect no help from the manufacturer or the government. Takata’s airbags have already killed or maimed more than 350 people and are on track to blast at least 2,000 more.
We showcase evidence that top Takata engineers and executives were informed in early reports the airbags were dangerous explosives before and after they went to market. More than 100 million vehicles worldwide continue to drive with defective airbags as the recall continues, and most drivers have no idea their airbag may be the next to cause irrevocable harm – or death.


Over 40,000 people will die from car crashes in the U.S this year; the leading cause of death for young people.

The driverless car’s arrival promises to save many of these lives by eliminating human error, but how will the introduction of such a revolutionary technology shape our cities and influence our behaviour?

From the fascinating history of America’s embrace of the automobile to a present grassroots movement against them, Driverless is a documentary that seeks to look beyond the engineering marvel and ask, in what kind of world do we want to live and are we driving down a road that will get us there?